Baby’s First Words

Baby’s First Words by Sassy is one of the first books that 4 month old L has really been able to focus on. The items in this book are made of bright, vibrant colors and designs that are noticeably outlined in black. They *pop*!

There isn’t much to say for how he reacts to me sharing this book with him. He lays there staring and looks at it really hard— soaking it all in. I just know he likes it… so, it’s a winner!

In Baby’s First Words, each spread is home to a different setting filled with things that belong there: animals on a farm, food for a picnic, “things that go”, animals from the forest, and things that one might find in a child’s room– bunny, ball, blocks, etc. The illustrations throughout the book are bound to keep Baby’s attention, and everything has its name printed underneath it English and Spanish!)

Soon enough, your genius, bilingual baby will be paging through books, holding their bottle, trying new foods and demanding more pureed manzanas. 🙂

Baby’s First Words (2014)
Grosset & Dunlap
Ages 0-2

Let’s Count!

For B, these things have “Ooh! Look!” written all over them.

A brown bunny bolting through the yard.

Another kid at the park.
*She begins to toddle over to the child stranger to give them a hug*

A colorful, lift-the-flap board book with huge print.
*She relaxes and looks through the book*

Sometimes, babies & toddlers need an instant distraction to buy you a little more time before a meltdown. Since I don’t have a black top hat and well, I’m not a magician, this board book is always with us when we leave the house.

Oh, just look at this photo of the cover. You can tell it’s semi-aggressively loved, the poor thing is starting to ripple. Who needs a top hat when a book is magic? No meltdowns when this thing is around.


Let’s Count! A First Book of Numbers is bright, colorful, and the print is nice and big for baby to see. Your little one can lift each number flap to see one big sun, two friendly kittens, three cars, and so on– all the way to the number 10. Each number flap is hiding adorable illustrations that just beg to keep your cutie’s attention.

What is the meltdown stalling book in your tot’s diaper bag?

Let’s Count! A First Book of Numbers
Sassy®/Illus. by Dave Aikins
Grosset & Dunlap/Penguin