Dear Zoo

This one captures B’s attention and holds on tight. With its bright white pages, repetition, and colorful flaps (that serve as a barrier between the wild zoo animal and the readers), it’s bound to keep your little ones engaged, too.

“I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet.

They sent me an…(flap) elephant.

He was too big! I sent him back.

So they sent me a… (flap) giraffe.

He was too tall! I sent him back.

So they sent me a…”

No animal was quite right… too fierce, too scary, too jumpy, etc. Finally, after sending animals to and fro, the zoo sent the patient kiddo a puppy. Of course, the puppy was perfect.

This classic board book was published in 1982 when…

  • 867-5309 happened (and it’s still happening in my head on repeat since I thought about adding it to this post…)
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was released
  • Ralph S. Mouse was published (aw, Ralph!)
  • The final episode of The Lawrence Welk Show aired– to the disappointment of unborn me. B loves to watch it on PBS on Saturday nights… the music, the dancing, the costumes! Okay, I love to watch it on PBS on Saturday nights.

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book
Rod Campbell
Little Simon

Ten Tiny Toes

About a month ago, B surprised us.

Dad: “B, it’s bedtime. Should we brush your teeth?
B: *inserted finger in her mouth and began to pretend brush*
Mom & Dad: *exchanged stunned glances*
Mom: “What?! Smartie pants!”

Every night we have the same routine, so she knows exactly what to expect. It is amazing how quickly they learn what things are called and how things are done with a little repetition.


Ten Tiny Toes is all about repetition, and is a rhyming read-aloud about the basic body parts. Your little one can plainly see what things are (ears, hands, etc.) with adorable illustrations of a lively little boy and his bear. You & your sweetie get to do things like wave your arms, touch your ears, touch your nose and pretend sneeze– insta-entertainment for your little one.

Author/Illustrator Caroline Jayne Church has several enjoyable books for your little one, including Sweet Child of Mine, Let’s Get Dressed!, and Good Night, I Love You.

Ten Tiny Toes
Caroline Jayne Church
Cartwheel Books/Scholastic