Llama Llama Easter Egg

Spring has sprung! Our tulip tree is sooo close to exploding with beautiful, purple buds. Somehow, our bleeding hearts survived an attack of Round-Up last year and are blooming. Daffodils, narcissus, and tulips are each full of happiness.

B loves the late Anna Dewdney’s llama books, especially Llama Llama Easter Egg. Hearing our sweetie try to say “llama llama” is priceless, baby book, iPhone video gold.
llama (2)Llama wakes up on Easter morning in his red pajamas, naturally, and your little one gets to join him on his day with chocolate, candies, an Easter egg hunt with lots of colored eggs in pastels– there are even some that look like they’ve been left in the dye for minutes. The rhyming text and spot-on llama facial expressions are a joy to experience, and at the end of the book, you & your kiddo will discover a nice little Easter-y surprise.

Llama Llama Easter Egg
Anna Dewdney
Viking/Penguin Young Readers Group

Where’s Spot?

8 years ago, this cool guy was born.


Brodie is his own dog, doesn’t care much for kids, and lives on the farm with my parents. He’s a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix– super smart, sweet, protective & a smidge nuts. When my husband proposed at the farm, we hugged and cried happy tears… and Brodie started jumping at Kyle’s back, punch-pawing him with all of his might. That scamp. Over time, he softened towards my husband when he realized

  1. He wasn’t going away and
  2. He wasn’t going to deal with his antics.

Unlike Brod, who I chose on a whim back in college when one of my pals said, “Free puppies,” my husband & I carefully decided to get an adorable, too cute, Brittany PUPPY! We can’t wait until Saturday, B’s going to freak out.

Anyone have any tips on toddlers meeting puppies? Please feel free to leave a comment below! We’ve been talking about puppies, singing about puppies, playing with my old Puppy Surprise stuffed dog & three pups, and of course, reading books starring this lovable, familiar little puppy. 

Oh, the Spot books! I can’t believe it’s taken me so much of B’s life to introduce her to Spot. *slaps forehead*

Where’s Spot? reminds me of childhood library moments and Dear Zoo with its bright white pages. With stand-out illustrations, lift-able flaps and your tot’s eager page turns, they get to help Spot’s mom Sally search everywhere for that goofball Spot.

All over Sally & Spot’s house and hidden behind flaps, Sally finds sneaky wild animals! Among her discoveries, she finds a bear behind a door, a snake inside a clock, and shockingly, a hippo in a piano. As your kiddo grows, they’ll see the silliness of a giant turtle under a rug or penguins hiding in a box and grow to love this book as much as you likely once loved it.

Where’s Spot?
Eric Hill
Penguin Group

Let’s Count!

For B, these things have “Ooh! Look!” written all over them.

A brown bunny bolting through the yard.

Another kid at the park.
*She begins to toddle over to the child stranger to give them a hug*

A colorful, lift-the-flap board book with huge print.
*She relaxes and looks through the book*

Sometimes, babies & toddlers need an instant distraction to buy you a little more time before a meltdown. Since I don’t have a black top hat and well, I’m not a magician, this board book is always with us when we leave the house.

Oh, just look at this photo of the cover. You can tell it’s semi-aggressively loved, the poor thing is starting to ripple. Who needs a top hat when a book is magic? No meltdowns when this thing is around.


Let’s Count! A First Book of Numbers is bright, colorful, and the print is nice and big for baby to see. Your little one can lift each number flap to see one big sun, two friendly kittens, three cars, and so on– all the way to the number 10. Each number flap is hiding adorable illustrations that just beg to keep your cutie’s attention.

What is the meltdown stalling book in your tot’s diaper bag?

Let’s Count! A First Book of Numbers
Sassy®/Illus. by Dave Aikins
Grosset & Dunlap/Penguin

Night-Night, Forest Friends

All it takes is a particular shout, movement, or look from B. We know exactly what she means. Little ones don’t need to speak sentences to tell you what they’re thinking, and this is an accurate sample of what B is thinking (most nights) at 7:00:

I’m so excited!
Chase me, Mom!
Ah! Dad! Don’t tickle me!
I’m hiding my face. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!
Come get me!
I’m never sleeping, ever! Ever!

Then, after all of that so-much-fun wild horseplay, it’s time to start winding down and grab a calming, nighttime book.


Night-Night, Forest Friends is soothing. It makes you feel like you’re part of it– relaxing in your human den with your little cub, snuggling and getting ready to go to sleep. We quietly read the rhyming words and guide ourselves through the forest to see the animals cuddling up for bedtime with their families. We whisper, “Night-night, bunnies. Night-night, bears.” Cuddling B and reading this cozy book is a wonderful way to end the day.

You can find more from Annie Bach– one of our favorites is Monster Party! (Sterling).

Night-Night, Forest Friends
Annie Bach
Grosset & Dunlap