B has been a big fan of bedtime music since she moved into her crib. Her music machine plays a selection of soft, calming lullabies and now, more often than not, she sings along with her own toddler words…loudly.


(Husband & I are currently questioning how much longer she will “need” her music…)

Cue Sleepyheads, a calming bedtime book with soft, dark colors to help put your little singer in the mood for sleep.

In this peaceful, rhyming board book, your little one gets to peek at nine animals asleep in their own special place. A bird in her nest, a bear cozy in his cave, and, near the sleeping cat, the family dog prefers a comfy rug beside the fireplace. While gently reading Sleepyheads to your special sleepyhead, you can almost feel the quiet. Hopefully, your little one won’t be able to resist settling down.

Fingers crossed for you, friend.

Sandra J. Howatt/Illus. Joyce Wan
Little Simon

Sleepy Puppy

When your tot just wants one more snuggle…

When your tot’s lovie is nowhere to be found…

When your tot isn’t quite ready to quit playing…

They’ll be able to relate to these sweet puppies in this board book.


Sleepy Puppy is a story about several adorable, wide awake puppies who have been told it’s bedtime. Each page has a different puppy with a different reason they can’t go to bed just yet: one puppy isn’t done playing, the next is thirsty and needs one more drink, one puppy even needs to make sure there aren’t any monsters hiding under the bed. With reasons that will eventually align to your growing tot’s bedtime protests, this is a great story to read to your little one who isn’t quite ready to give in and warm your heart by saying a sweet, “Nigh-nigh.”

Sleepy Puppy
Sterling Children’s Books

Sweet Dreams, Pout-Pout Fish

Do you ever feel like you’re the last to know about something? You feel like you’re the last to know, but when you get the news you’re not the least bit surprised– because somehow you feel like you already knew about it? Has that ever happened to you?

That’s how I felt when we found this book the other day. B and I were gently flipping through the board book racks at our library (well, I was, she was more interested in pulling them out and putting them on the floor, as one does) when there he was– suddenly on the floor and fast asleep in his green seaweed bed.


What a lovable little guy! This rhyming story is all about the Pout-Pout Fish’s bedtime routine. The casual way he swirls around his little sea home of soft blues and greens is utterly soothing. He brushes his shockingly white fish teeth and washes his face with sponges. He finds his little lovey, settles in for a story of whale songs and makes a wish on star fish. This is a wonderful book to snuggle up and read to your little one (possibly over and over).

We are so glad to have finally met Mr. Fish, and looking forward to many more encounters.

Sweet Dreams, Pout-Pout Fish
Deborah Diesen/Illus. Dan Hanna
Farrar Straus Giroux Books for Young Readers