Does this sound familiar?

M: Hey, let’s read a book. Would you like to bring me a book?
B: *Runs to shelf, grabs a book, runs over to me and climbs up onto my lap*
M: Alright, all settled…
B: *Wiggles and slides out of my lap, runs back to bookshelf or anywhere else*

Sometimes you need a board book that is short & sweet to keep up with the pace of a can’t-sit-now-must-run-away tot.

Hi! is just what you need.

Hi! is a simple, rhyming book of animal sounds. Twelve colorful, neighborly animals meet and shout their greetings. While you read, you can teach your baby that a  crow says hello with a caw!, a bird says hello with a chirp!, and a polar bear says hello with a friendly growl! (yes, a friendly growl.)

After being greeted by all of the animals, the boy returns to his Mom and greets her with happy “Hi!” Then, Mom smiles and says “Good-bye!” with the boy to the readers. (It looks like it’s time for bed with the nighttime sky visible out the window. I get it, board book Mom. Bedtime is bedtime!)

I should tell you, the more you read this book to your little one, the better your wolf, yak, or owl impression will be.

Hi! (2015)
Ethan Long
Abrams Appleseed