Jammy Dance

Jammy Dance is turning out to be the book of the month in our house. If you saw a bit of yourself and your best dog inside a book, you’d love it, too.



Reading a lively book like Jammy Dance to B is an experience– and it’s so fun to see her study the pages and figure out all of the ways she can relate to the children as we read.

“Bubbles! Lotsa bubbles. Big towel. Brush your hair. Brush your teeth!” All through the book, she finds similarities to her life. The kids dancing, jumping on the bed, on the couch, but definitely not the part where “Sunny Dog drink toilet… EW.”

With the rhythm of the words, you can’t help but want to do the Jammy Dance with the family in this book. You’ll be wiggling with your little one as you read.

“Snappin’ fingers, stompin’ feet.

Tappin’ toes to keep the beat.

Tossin’ Teddy in the air;

Try to catch him if you dare.”

As the story goes on, you’ll notice the words magically guiding you to s-l-o-o-o-w down as you read…

“Touching hands in sweet ballet,

Holding all the hopes we pray,

Snuggled close inside our beds,

Quiet hearts and sleepy heads.”

As you read that part, I suggest faking a yawn– it might get your little one to realize it might be time for bed, too… unless, of course, they want to do the Jammy Dance one more time. 🙂

Jammy Dance
Rebecca Janni/Illus. Tracy Dockray
Farrar Straus Giroux

Sweet Dreams, Pout-Pout Fish

Do you ever feel like you’re the last to know about something? You feel like you’re the last to know, but when you get the news you’re not the least bit surprised– because somehow you feel like you already knew about it? Has that ever happened to you?

That’s how I felt when we found this book the other day. B and I were gently flipping through the board book racks at our library (well, I was, she was more interested in pulling them out and putting them on the floor, as one does) when there he was– suddenly on the floor and fast asleep in his green seaweed bed.


What a lovable little guy! This rhyming story is all about the Pout-Pout Fish’s bedtime routine. The casual way he swirls around his little sea home of soft blues and greens is utterly soothing. He brushes his shockingly white fish teeth and washes his face with sponges. He finds his little lovey, settles in for a story of whale songs and makes a wish on star fish. This is a wonderful book to snuggle up and read to your little one (possibly over and over).

We are so glad to have finally met Mr. Fish, and looking forward to many more encounters.

Sweet Dreams, Pout-Pout Fish
Deborah Diesen/Illus. Dan Hanna
Farrar Straus Giroux Books for Young Readers