The Pudgy I Love You Book

My mother found this treasure from my childhood, and it deserves its own post because of the feeling it gave me when I saw it again: comfort.img_2676-2

I hadn’t seen this little book in 20 years. When I opened it, the familiar pages wrapped me up in a cozy quilt made of a sweet memory, and I felt like little Kerri, cuddling up to my Mommy on the couch listening to her read.img_2677This board book tells a story of things the reader loves– feeding ducklings, scrunching leaves, and new kittens. I remember seeing this page (above) and wishing my jammies had a button bottom, and how I could see the same sky from my window that these kids could see. I wanted curly hair like the little girl (wish granted!) and wished my world had those soft, pretty colors.

The power of a book. Your child’s favorite book now could be the book that transports them back to now when they’re in their upper 20’s. Do you have a book like that?

This adorable book was published in 1988 and is currently for sale on Amazon for two dimes and four pennies. Money well spent.

The Pudgy I Love You Book
Deborah Shine/Illus. Katherine Dietz Coville
Grosset & Dunlap