You Are My Baby: Garden

“Instead of a card, please bring a book for baby to enjoy for years to come.”

A line you’ll most likely read on your next baby shower invitation– and really, what perfect add-on to your gift than a book for baby’s new library?!

You Are My Baby: Garden would make the perfect choice for that baby shower. you are my baby gardenThis is a different kind of board book– one that might catch little ones by surprise. There are big pages (for the big animals or insects,) and mini pages (that house all of the baby animals or insects.) It begins like this:

*Turn big page to see the mother bird*

“You sing a happy song in our leafy tree.”

*Turn little page and discover the baby*

“You are my baby, little hatchling.”

Aww. I can’t help but feel the love these colorful creatures feel for their babies. After Momma Bird, you’ll see pairs of spiders, snails, squirrels, and last but not least, sweet little bees (ahem… is it a bee themed gender neutral baby shower?!)

I love reading this book and feeling sentimental warm motherly feelings to B, and I can’t wait to read it to our NEW little baby in November. There are several You Are My Baby themed books for you to choose from– for a gift, or for your own sweet little peanut.

You Are My Baby: Garden
Lorena Siminovich
Chronicle Books

Peek-a Who?

Do you ever get smacked with small reminders that your little one is growing up much faster than you realized? Maybe your sweet baby suddenly likes to hold the bottle by himself, or maybe your independent toddler says (to your surprise), “Potty? POTTY!?”

Maybe, they’re really good at digging through the “rubble” of scattered board books to find the one that you asked them to find.

With vibrant, contrasting colors, Peek-a Who? will be an easy one for your little one to find over and over again.

This rhyming book has cut-out pages for kiddos to peek through to guess what’s on the next page. Peek-a who? is simple and sweet. In the beginning, your little one sees black and white spots– who could be on the next page? “Peek-a moo!” Kiddos will see a ghost (“Peek-a boo!”), a zoo full of animals, and a “Peek-a choo choo!” train going around its tracks. At last, your baby looks through a cut-out to see a special surprise–their own reflection. “Peek-a you!”

Peek-a Who? is one of Scholastic Parent & Child magazine’s list of 100 Greatest Books for Kids.

Peek-a Who?
Nina Laden
Chronicle Books

My World My Words

November. The holiday shopping season is upon us!

I’m always looking for new, good board books, and I ran into this one on Chronicle Books‘ website. It looked like a great Christmas gift for B. So, based on hope and a beautiful description, I ordered it.


*sigh* It’s delightful. It’s delicious. It’s de-lovely!

After flipping through it, I couldn’t resist. I had to give B a peek. Your little one gets to join in the fun of toddler Bobby’s day– from breakfast & playtime to exploring outside. Words like spoon, together, throw, water, stroller, and tree are described. Bobby’s day ends with seeing the moon, putting on pajamas, and of course, bedtime. There are colorful tabs on the side of a few pages, and each one signals a different part of Bobby’s day.

My World My Words is loaded with first words that your little one will love to learn, and the adorable illustrations will help them match the picture to the word.

No question, it will be read again and again after December 25. It is a gift, after all.

My World My Words
Marie Fordacq/Illus. by Peggy Nille
Twirl Books/Editions Tourbillon/Dist. by Chronicle Books


On My Beach

The school year is here. It’s so exciting to have fresh folders with no bends, new pencils with untouched erasers, new shoes with no scuffs… ahh.

Before we know it, snow will be falling. Summer seemed to happen so fast… but around here we’re holding on a little bit longer with On My Beach.


Talk about making a book come to life. I’ve never seen a book with a finger puppet, so I was pretty excited to find this book. The happy little crab can actually scamper around his beach. While we read, we play a game of keep away/don’t pull the crab (ahem, my finger) out of the book.

He shows what fun there is to have on the beach– like races with friends, spotting treasures, hanging out in soothing waves, and then takes a cozy nap with his family.

“Aww, look B. Crab is taking a nap… do you want to take a nappie, too?”

Yeah, right.

There is a whole line of books by this author/illustrator team, set in the forest, in a barn, etc. – and we can hardly wait to get our hands on (and in!) another.

On My Beach
Sarah Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich
Chronicle Books