Have you seen the movie Elf?

If you’re not familiar with it (or need a quick reminder), here’s a link to a clip on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Eto6DU_2oI.

This moment in the movie makes me think “toddler.” Buddy, the enthusiastic, cheerful elf is trying to convince his new friend that anyone can sing whenever & wherever they want. He demonstrates by singing very loudly in the department store where he “works.”

“I’m singing! I’m in a store, and I’m singing!!! I’m in a store, and I’m singing!!!”

Well, our 2YO B has Buddy the Elf tendencies. “Shh… inside voice please,” we’ll request at church, stores, and the library… with practice, her inside voice is lasting longer and longer.

In DINOSAUR vs. THE LIBRARY, our familiar dinosaur friend has the same problem.

dino lib

Dinosaur is on a mission to roar his way to Story Time at the library. On his way, he meets some friends and shares his roars with them. A cow (who gives him some chocolate milk), some chipper baby chicks, a shy (turned not-so-shy) turtle, and an owl happily join Dinosaur on his trip to the library.

As he’s stomping along…

“Now dinosaur will roar where no one has roared before… the library!”

Of course, Dinosaur does it.


“No, Dinosaur! Use your inside roar!”

Dinosaur is challenged to keep his roar to an inside level, and (lucky for the library), he keeps it hushed. But then, it’s time for Story Time… *gasp*… and he’s just so excited… well, do you think he’ll be able to not roar?

Like a good little dino, he sits– happily roarless through the whole story.

I think I’ll be reminding B to be like Dinosaur next time we need to use our “inside roar.” 🙂

This picture book is geared towards little dinos ages 2-5.

Bob Shea
Disney/Hyperion Books


A new blog. A happy blog. A happy place to talk about our favorite board books. Our little girl recently learned how to walk, so now she’s able to grab a book, stumble-walk over and say, “Eh?”

A request I’m happy to fulfill. Especially when it is DINOSAUR vs. BEDTIME by Bob Shea.


It is SO much fun to read out loud– I mean, when the first page just screams, “ROAR! I’M A DINOSAUR!” you can’t read it in any other voice but a dinosaur’s. That first page also gets you a look from a kid who’s thinking, “What the…”

This book is about an unstoppable little dinosaur who conquers everything he encounters during his day. He ROARs his way through a pile of leaves, ROARs away talking grown-ups, and ROARs through his dinner (a nice & neat bowl of spaghetti, which he gives a good Chomp! Chomp! ROAR! ROAR! ROAR!)

By the time you find out if dinosaur conquers bedtime, your baby is left wanting MORE… or by that time has started roaring, because hey, Mama’s doing it.

Bob Shea
Published by Disney/Hyperion Books