On My Beach

The school year is here. It’s so exciting to have fresh folders with no bends, new pencils with untouched erasers, new shoes with no scuffs… ahh.

Before we know it, snow will be falling. Summer seemed to happen so fast… but around here we’re holding on a little bit longer with On My Beach.


Talk about making a book come to life. I’ve never seen a book with a finger puppet, so I was pretty excited to find this book. The happy little crab can actually scamper around his beach. While we read, we play a game of keep away/don’t pull the crab (ahem, my finger) out of the book.

He shows what fun there is to have on the beach– like races with friends, spotting treasures, hanging out in soothing waves, and then takes a cozy nap with his family.

“Aww, look B. Crab is taking a nap… do you want to take a nappie, too?”

Yeah, right.

There is a whole line of books by this author/illustrator team, set in the forest, in a barn, etc. – and we can hardly wait to get our hands on (and in!) another.

On My Beach
Sarah Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich
Chronicle Books