About Books for Babies

I’m Kerri and this is my crew– husband Kyle, daughter “B”, son “L”, and Sunny Dog (uppercase D intentional– it’s part of her name… thanks to B.) 🙂

Growing up, I’m so glad books were always around (Thanks, Mom.) She let me put scotch tape on my books (you know, as a bar code to zap while I played pretend librarian,) and always took time to read to me.

Oh, and thanks to the Beast… I started collecting books. Goodbye, rock collection!

Of course Belle fell in love with him. Look at this!

Books can bring so much comfort and joy to little ones, so when B was born, I wanted her to grow up with a love for books. She (and baby brother L) are my reviewers, and for the sake of keeping things positive– you won’t be finding any negative reviews on this blog.

Books for Babies & Big Kids is your resource for finding wonderful board books and picture books that have officially been baby & toddler approved.

Happy reading!