Where’s My Nose?

Last week, my sister in law said that my super-rad, almost 1 year old nephew loves the book Where’s My Nose? I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t posted about it yet, because B loves it, too! Shame on me. Anyway…

We’re always working on expanding our little toddler’s vocabulary, and this book has proven to be an excellent assistant. We’ve had this adorable board book for about a year now, and B still loves to help search for the noses of the babies in this rhyming board book.


They look everywhere– high, low, in a box (where B is excited to see a duck), under the couch, and even outside. The babies know their noses are close, but they just can’t seem to find them. Your little one will learn a few body parts, as well as names for some things around the house. The illustrations include several other items a baby might see in their everyday world, so they can join in by pointing at things they find familiar.

Bonus! Just in case your little one starts to think that their nose went missing, too, they can make sure all is well by checking out the mirror on the last page.

An oldie but a goodie, Where’s My Nose? was published in 2001.

An oldie? 2001 feels like yesterday, doesn’t it?

Where’s My Nose?
Susan Ring/Illus. Stephanie Peterson
Grosset & Dunlap

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