Farm Animals

I grew up on a farm, and I was a lot like Fern (Charlotte’s Web). I was a lover of sweet, grunty piglets, a tamer of wild barn cats (I was good at it and we had a lot of them), and a friend to all most country creatures– especially my 4-H calves.


We had a stray cat show up last week, and B was instantly pressed against the front door wanting to love that kitty. *sigh* She, too, could have the gift of being a “cat whisperer.”

I am so happy we found National Geographic Kids Look & Learn: Farm Animals.


Nat. Geo. Kids Look &Learn: Farm Animals is written similarly to Nat. Geo. Kids Look & Learn: Colors! The farm animals (cows, sheep, chickens, horses, and pigs) each get their own spotlight with several photos and fun facts. As your little one grows, they’ll love the quiz at the end of the book. There, they can answer the questions like which animal gives us milk, wool, or which animal comes from an egg by pointing to their photo.

Bonus: Your little one will want to practice their adorable farm animal sounds when they see the beautiful photos.

National Geographic Kids Look & Learn: Farm Animals
Catherine D. Hughes
National Geographic Society

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