Don’t Push the Button!

The zero fun, way-too-familiar words directed to any tiny tot, “Don’t do it…” and “No, no.”


Of course, a funny little board book fixed those words– it saved them. It made them fun!

How can a busy, curious kiddo resist doing something they’re told not to do?


A friendly monster named Larry lives in this book. He has one rule: no pushing the button. He is so curious. He is so so sooo tempted, but a rule is a rule…until no one is looking. Larry whispers to your little one that they should push the button. Your kiddo will celebrate.

Right away, Larry is thrown into a panic because the button changes everything. It’s up to the reader to help Larry and put things back to normal. He tells them to shake the book! They need to help him by pushing the button more and more! Again, your kiddo will celebrate.

B thinks Larry is hilarious, and she loves that plain old red button. We can’t wait to get our hands on another book by Bill Cotter.

Don’t Push the Button!
Bill Cotter

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