Parent: *wiggling fingers and stomping towards toddler* Here I come! I’m going to get you! Rooaaarrr!

Toddler: AH! *runs and hides behind the chair then sneaks closer to parent* Ah! *giggle* Woar!

End Scene

We probably shouldn’t encourage her to get wild, but we do. It’s just so much fun, and to be honest, she asks for it in her sweet little sing-song voice, “Mommm… Daddd…”

We found a book that feels like it was made for us– and I bet you’ll feel the same way.


This book begins with a declaration from a tiny tot: he is NOT ticklish… until the tickle monster (Dad) starts running after him. He runs around excitedly trying to escape the tickle monster and of course, gets caught. Again, this baby is NOT ticklish– except for his legs, feet, tummy, armpits and his everywhere. Eventually, the baby decides tickle time is over and he gets kisses and a loving cuddle from his Mom and Dad (and his friendly pets that you can see on the cover).

Leslie Patricelli has several more board books that are worth looking for– one that caught my eye is Toot, which definitely sounds like a giggle-as-you-read story.

Leslie Patricelli
Candlewick Press

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