The Little Fox Who Lost His Tail

Lately we’ve been working on getting B to repeat names of places and things around the house. B has a nice list of words she says, so we’re anxious to add some more!

“Should we go outside?
“The vacuum won’t get you.”
“Wow! What a cool noise. Please stop pounding your car on the window.

Naturally, we spend time searching for something specific.

“Where is your milk?”
“It’s nap time– where is Duck?”

Whenever B’s beloved Duck periodically going missing, we understand how Little Fox feels when he needs to find his tail.


This story has sweet illustrations that take readers wherever the concerned little fox hunts for his tail. He searches high and low, inside and outside. Little Fox even tries to replace his tail with a household item. This story gives your little one more chances to learn what things are– and when the fox wants to look in the closet for his tail, he needs help to open the door.

The little fox never gives up his search to find his missing tail, and your little one can join in the hunt and discover where it’s been hiding all along by lifting the flaps.

Author Jedda Robaard has more books with this theme. You and your kiddo can choose to go on an adventure with several animals– including helping a bird look for its song, and a bear who lost her way.

The Little Fox Who Lost His Tail
Jedda Robaard
Little Bee Books/Bonnier Publishing Group

2 thoughts on “The Little Fox Who Lost His Tail

  1. Dawn Meyer September 2, 2016 / 7:49 pm

    Kerri, I love your blog! I will know which books to get for the Grandkids!


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