That’s not my duck…

This is Duck.


Duck is the fourth member of our family. We take him (her? it?) wherever we go. If Duck were alive and could talk, he’d probably say that his favorite part of the day is when B balls him up, smooshes him against her face and sucks her thumb. It’s their thing.

Not so long ago, I got worried. What if we lost Duck? I took to the internet and found our discontinued, exact little friend for sale– for $86.00.


So, meet Duck Two.



Our ‘just in case’ duck. Oh yes, she most definitely knows the difference. She’s not one to be fooled when it comes to her most prized possession.

Which leads me to the book That’s not my duck… by Fiona Watt.

duck book

The hunt is on for a little mouse to find his duck. He notices the differences in the ducks he examines with several Goldilocks moments– “its wings are too soft” or “its tummy is too fuzzy”. While you read, your little one can examine the differences, too, learning how soft, bumpy, or fuzzy feels.

After all of that duck talk (whether I’ve finished reading or not), my little mouse leaps from my lap to take off on a duck hunt of her own.

That’s not my duck…
Fiona Watt
Usborne Publishing

5 thoughts on “That’s not my duck…

  1. Kathi Most October 2, 2016 / 2:55 pm

    How adorable! Your blog will be very helpful to this librarian.


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